Wild for Wings
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Buffalo Wild Wings - Lubbock
6320 19th Street, Lubbock TX 79416 USA
(000) 000-0000
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Reviewed by KStrickTech
Member since December 2011, Total Reviews: 1 (Male, born in 1983, Lubbock, TX)
As a former employee of Buffalo Wild Wings in the states of Ohio and Colorado, I must say this kills me to put down, but the Buffalo Wild Wings in Lubbock are terrible. The wings are never fully sauced, which, to me, is a huge deal. Whether the restaurant is dead or active, they come out looking the same, cooked earlier in the afternoon, left in a heat drawer for a few hours, lightly shaken in the sauce bowl, and brought out rather ho hum. I've given them four chances, and each time, the veggies come out flaccid and flavorless. Finally, the service is traditionally pretty terrible. I'm usually very simple to please; ensure my water is filled every once in a while, and bring out the food. Even those chores seem taxing to the restaurant. It kills me, I LOVE the food at Buffalo Wild Wings when they dedicate themselves to what brought them to the show. The Ohio and Colorado stores, even away from a college setting, gave you that archtype feeling I loved, sports on the television, and great food with incredible friends. While I've found the friends here in Texas, I haven't found a Buffalo Wild Wings that gives me that familiar feeling. This place could sure use a complete overhaul from the ground up.
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