Wild for Wings
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Buffalo Wild Wings - MONTGOMERY
7971 Vaughn Rd., Montgomery AL 36116 USA
(334) 215-7977
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Reviewed by Guest (John)
I go here about once a week. Over the last 20 visits, I have had one bout of slow service, and 1 time where the quality of food was less than desired. The other 18 times were fine. A nice, clean, sports bar that is usually relatively quiet for a sports bar (except for big game nights when it's teh crowd making as much noise as the televions). I suspect the first reviewer should stick to Shoneys for their family fun. Lots of families here having fun and watching (or ignoring while their kids watch) the TV;s, or play the trivia games, etc. And the wings are much better than hooters.
Reviewed by Guest (elise evans)
IF YOU LIKE AN INDIFFERENT WAIT STAFF THIS IS YOUR PLACE By Elise E. Our family went out to eat here on a Thursday night. We expected it to be a noisy but fun place. Instead the wait staff decided to cut the volume up on one program other at such ear splitting decibel levels I couldn't even talk to the person sitting next to me without screaming. When we asked for the volume to be turned down they did. Five minutes later the volume was even louder and even worse. We couldn't hear any of the other tv's in the room just the channel the wait staff had selected. When we again requested that the volume be cut down we were completely ignored. At that point we left and went to another wings restaurant on East South Blvd. The tv's there were at a reasonable level. The food was wonderful. We will never, ever go back to Buffalo Wild Wings and their rude wait staff is the reason.
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