Wild for Wings
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Reviewed by Guest (Wing Nut)
Hands down the BEST WINGS I have ever eaten. Both the College Street and Bayview locations offer the same great taste with unbelievable service. I have also been going to Duff's for about 10 years and I just can't believe how consistent they are. A Must Try.
Reviewed by Guest (Diamondgirl88)
I have been a Toronto Duff's fan for over 10 years. I used to drive all the way to the original Duff's outside of Buffalo when the "yen" for wings hit me. My experiences have only been good or great! When anything has been less than ideal, a word with the Manager/Owners has always made it right. For size of wings & flavour, they're tops with me & my husband!
Reviewed by Guest (wingEtr)
Just ate a Duff's. There were dead ants in our soft drink glass discovered after drinking it. The took the soft drink off the bill only and no apologies. I was sort of surprised by this limited gesture but when I asked to speak to the manager (claimed to be the owner) he said that they have limited control of the ants and these things happens. I've worked in the restaurant industry before and understand that these thing will happen but it's a matter of customer service. Most places would have managed much better. Still can't believe he tried to convince us that it was OK. Wings are good but I will not be going there again because of the service, you make your own call.
Reviewed by Guest (JenC)
Duffs has the best wings in Toronto in my opinion. They're nice and big and come in great everyday wing/fries/beer combos. Only the bravest wing eaters will try their Death or Armaggedon sauces, a bell or siren will be sounded when the glutton for punishment is served their firey wings. Go with the creamy dill dip. I love Duffs!
Reviewed by joeyjojo
Member since June 2008, Total Reviews: 3 (Male, born in 1976, Toronto, ON)
The hot wings are extremely hot and big with lots of meat - I order the pound of wings and can barely even finish them! The place gives me a wing-eater's boner! 10/10 on the boner scale!
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