Wild for Wings
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Reviewed by Guest (Steve)
I used to agree with the review that Travis posted from 4 years ago. However, Ethel's has changed to the largest size of wings (same as Morty's). They used to be crispy without you having to ask (imho, how wings should be). Now, they often have ping meat (definitely NOT desirable if you want to ensure you don't get food poisoning). You can get them to do them well done - this gets rid of the pinkness, but chars the outside too much. (ie. they're using too high a heat - lower heat cooked longer would be the trick). I used to give them 4 or 4 1/2 out of 5 for their wings, now I think a 2 is generous. Also, the dry cajun wings aren't seasoned nearly as much as previously - pretty much just plain wings. Also, a pound is now $6.99 - gone up a buck since 2008.
Reviewed by Travis
Member since August 2008, Total Reviews: 1 (Male, born in 1980, Waterloo, ON)
Wing Night is wednesday only! ( and every full moon) Wings are awesome. Ethel's doesn't have a deep frier, so wing are baked and then grilled. The hot is very hot, I recommend asking for the wings extra crispy...little more time on the grill. WEDNESDAY WING NIGHT.* 10 Oven Roasted Wings tossed in the sauce of your choice along with a pitcher of domestic for only $16.00. That's taxes included. Just the wings for $5.99.
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