Wild for Wings
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Reviewed by Guest (Scott)
Definitely amongst the best wings in town. They are huge, tasty and competitively priced! Lots of other great options on the menu as well.
Reviewed by Guest (Anon)
As a former moty's employee, I feel that I should warn all people that eat there that you are better off spending your money else where as the kitchen has while in my time there, barely passed many of the health inspection. also just to inform, while I don't know if they have changed their practice on how they cook they wings, while I was there, they made it a habit of using old cooking\fryer oil till the point that it was all most if not totally rancid and tasted of carbon. as it was in my time there, as a cost cutting measure, they would use the fryer oil for at lest two week at a time, an speaking from experience, the maximum time length of fryer oil is between 5 to 7 days, any longer and the oil will start to break down and take on flavors that will transfer in to the food and change the taste and not for the better. Morty's made it a practice to use their fryer oil for at lest a maximum of 14 day at the time I was employed with them. they would use fresh oil in there front of he house fryers for at lest 7 days, filtering it daily each day. after the 7th day, they would gather all the oil from the front of the house fryers and transfer the bulk of it to a set of double size fryers in the back of the house, where they would continue to use the oil for another 7 days, totaling up to a full 14 days of use. an while it is rarely know to many who don't work in Kitchens, the longer you use fryer oil, the quicker it breaks down and it will take on a nasty flavor and any food cooked in that oil will also take on that flavor. I have heard many time complaints of the wings having a burnt flavor that can still be tasted threw the sauce. this is because of their use of old and rancid fryer oil. so buyer beware of Morty's wings.
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