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Reviewed by VeronicaMeza
Member since January 2012, Total Reviews: 2 (Female, born in 1982, Mesa, AZ)
If you're looking for good wings go someplace else! Visited for the first time after hearing their hot wings were suppose to be "amazing". I was very disappointed! The flavor was okay and they were lightly breaded, I liked that. But beware if you're looking for the saucy & spicy wings that I'm used to at Long Wong's, forget it. I ordered 2 dozen hot bone-in wings, and I know hot is an opinion but these were straight mild, my 3 year old ate 4 without a problem and he's not one for spicy foods. Also, I expected them to be saucy but they seemed as if they were lightly sauced to keep the breading from getting soggy, which it was anyway. I happen to prefer sauce sitting at the bottom so I can roll them around & have them extra saucy and super hot. Another disappointment were the side of curly fries I ordered, for $4 I expected a bit more, I got a small handful of fries. Usually curly fries will be seasoned, these were not. So if your forced to go here because Long Wong's is just too far I would suggest trying the Suicide Wings if you're looking for spicy (although I didn't taste them myself). Tues & Thurs they have wing specials, which may make their sub-par wings worth it. Overall this place is bland, I will not return. When I'm craving hot wings, I want them hot, not crying on the floor hot, but I expect to at least break a sweat. Long Wong's is still my winner!
Reviewed by Guest (Bill Clark)
I was recommended this place by a friend who, like I, enjoys hot wings. So the first time I went, I was with my wife and kids, who wont eat wings so I didn't get any. My wife had been there once already and commented how the service was extremely slow. It was shortly after they opened and figured they could have been busy or not staffed well enough so because of this I was willing to give the benefit of the doubt. Once again, the service was very slow, not just a little long on the food but enough to the point that we found ourselves asking " What is going on?" It must have been at least 30 minutes from the time we ordered to the time we received our food. I ordered a fish and chips basket. I think it was just under $10. The pieces of fish were nothing more than processed molded fillets that were all shaped similarly that you would expect to get from Jack In The Box or something. The side of slaw was literally about 2 bites worth of food and was probably the driest and worst tasting slaw Ive had in my life. My kids split a chicken planks basket and just like the fish, were all shaped the same, implying the same processed garbage you can get at any fast food joint for about half of the price. My wife had a burger and said it was OK. Our total bill was just under 50 bucks + tip, that was 3 meals, an appetizer and 4 drinks (no alcohol). Fast forward a few months. I was in Show Low a couple of weeks ago, and we were looking for a place to have a beer, a bite to eat and watch football. A local directed us to the Native New Yorker. I wasn't excited about the choice, but choices are slim in Show Low. So my brother and I ordered a large pizza with pep and sausage and i think the price of the pie was about $16. Once again, the thing took about a half an hour and it wasn't busy. The pizza came out and the pizza was thin, not a "thin crust" pizza, just cheap. The toppings were very skimpy and not very flavorful. Because of this we had no problem knocking down this thing between the two of us. The best way to describe it would be ordinary. It was food. Thats about it. It was not better than any chain pizza, including Little Ceasers, and even a DiGiorno or Freschetta would beat it hands down comparatively. If you want to pound a few brews, watch a game and munch some appetizers with your boys its an OK place I suppose. The atmosphere is fine and it's clean and there are lots of TVs. But if you actually WANT to eat something good at a joint like this head for a Chili's, Friday's, Applebee's ...anything else would be better!
Reviewed by Guest (Kristen)
I ate here last night. Was quite possibly the most horrible dining experience I've ever had. The waiter was terrible, we waited 45 minutes just for drinks, and the food came out sopping wet with grease and fat. I left feeling sick and went home violently throwing up. Do not plan to ever go back to Native New Yorker.
Reviewed by Guest (Pao)
I'm posting this for everyone to see. This is a copy of what I sent the company. I am 100% NOT HAPPY WITH THEIR SERVICE. I ate dinner at your Yuma location today (1/9/09) and I had the worst possible dining experience ever. We had a party of 6 and we ordered food sometime around 7:30pm. We waited for our food for about 2 hours. I watched other diners come and go, and similar tables of 6 who were seated well after us and left well before we did. I'm 100% positive we ordered (not arrived at restaurant, but SAT at table and ordered) around this time, due to phone calls and text messages at this time. Our food took nearly 2 hours to arrive at our table, and then I still had to wait about 10-15 minutes extra for my entree and my little brother's dinner to arrive (all orders were placed at the same time). I asked to speak to a manager and was referred to "Jay". He apologized and offered a 50% discount on the ticket(everyone at the table heard this percentage). I agreed to the discount and ate. My wife and other members of my family had to leave, due to an appointment, and left my brother and I at the table to pay. When I received the bill, I was shocked to find only a 15% discount, being charged for a salad that our server OFFERED (he did not ask whether or not I wanted to ADD a salad, he asked whether I wanted the soup or salad), and being charged for three sides of ranch dressing (I believe my wife asked for ranch one time), for a bill total of somewhere at 76-78 dollars. At this point, I was extremely upset and asked to once again speak with Jay. He came over and spoke with us. I told him I was unhappy, and my two hours of waiting for food was not worth a 15% discount, and had I known or if he had spoken clearly that it was to be 15%, I would have left and eaten somewhere else that valued my business. He then raised his voice at me and told me that I was NOT waiting for two hours, but that I had only arrived about an hour ago (which would have made my arrival time somewhere around 8:30). I told him that I was positive I had been here waiting for food since around 7:20 or 7:30, and he raised his voice (which has to be one of the most unprofessional things that has ever happened in all of my dining experiences). He then, with a bad attitude, told me he only offered me 15%, and asked me if what I wanted was the removal of the overcharged items and a 50% discount. I told him yes, that is what I understood, and that is what I am asking. He stormed away, and our server delivered my new bill for a total of 44.90 (I have retained my bill and will scan and email upon request.) I really don't understand how, and maybe it is my lack of knowledge in mathematics, a 78 dollar tab can be HALVED into 45 dollars. I don't understand why he tried to tell me what time I arrived when I am 100% certain of my arrival and ordering times. I watched two boxing matches and some basketball games during my wait. I brought my family from out of town to experience a two hour wait and rudeness from management. This is not acceptable at all. I was not appreciative of management's attempted intimidation tactics and his rudeness. I do not feel I will ever set foot in the Yuma location again, and I will make it a point to let everyone know the quality of service and bad attitude I received from the manager. I am now under the impression that my business is not wanted, along with the business of any of my friends, family members, co-workers, colleagues and other people I communicate with through e-mail and otherwise. Other dining establishments would have comped the full tab for a two hour wait and horrible service. Instead your Manager lied to me, indirectly accused me of lying about my time waiting, raised his voice and acted very unprofessional toward our table. I am awaiting a response from someone higher up the chain than this manager.
Reviewed by stclaireqt
Member since December 2008, Total Reviews: 2 (Female, born in 1962, Olympia, WA)
The Native New Yorker has the best wings around, and believe me I've tried them all! They sell the wings by the piece, so you are able to try all of their awesome flavors without breaking the bank! This is the ONLY place for wings! GO NATIVE!
Reviewed by Guest (Christy Russell)
Native New Yorker's wings are the best wings! They are Spicy, Big and Delicious! Every time!!! ALWAYS GREAT SINCE 1979 - 30 years!
Reviewed by sherrilind
Member since December 2008, Total Reviews: 1 (Female, born in 1967, Phoenix, AZ)
Native New Yorker has the best wings that are always fresh, NEVER frozen and they are the most plump, juicy and flavorful wings, winning Native New Yorker NEW TIMES Best of Phoenix Readers Pick since 1979!
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