Wild for Wings
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Reviewed by Guest (Al)
Service was slow, brought our food orders in stages.The waitress melissa was more interested in talking about her personal life to the other tables. No place for our bones the table and chairs were dirty. the one chair had mud on it. This was when they first opened in the morning. Do they never clean. There was still pieces of food on the chairs. The food is good it is too bad the service doesn't match the food
Reviewed by Guest (cornflakers)
Wacky wings is delic, I can't remember when their special deal all u can eat is but its a semi clean joint. Its better then the average wing joint probably about 7/10 if you go on all you can eat.
Reviewed by jillmo
Member since March 2011, Total Reviews: 1 (Female, born in 1972, belleville, ON)
THE WORST, most disgusting experience i have EVER had in a restaurant. I could NOT believe what i observed and how we were treated. The service was slow and non-friendly. Staff ALL under 20ish? Observed the kitchen staff handling food, in street clothes, no hairnets. watched one young man(the cook?) walk by the garbage can in the kitchen and spit in it, right next to where the "clean" baskets are awaiting cooked food to be served. But that is not the worst - we got up and left immediately after we observed ANOTHER young man in the kitchen eat a wing out of someones order with bare hands...and then passed the basket of remaining wings to be served. UNREAL. When we were leaving, my boyfriend asked for the manager, who was not there, but the girl who served us was the assistant manager - and after my boyfriend told her of our complaints - he was ASKED by HER NOT to "make a scene" and was then called a "dickhead" for expressing his opinion about his terrible meal and findings there. Those people are lucky he DID'T cause a scene. I was outside by the time my boyfriend was called a "dickhead" by the assistant manager, or i would have cleaned her clock! oh, and there were chicken bones on the floor in the eating area, the ketchup bottles, salt & pepper shakers greasy to the touch. The whole experience was unbelievably disgusting. Jill M.
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