Wild for Wings
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Reviewed by Guest (Evo)
I've been here several times and little to complain about for food. The wings are as per other Wild Wings, in that they're bigger and better than any other restaurants pushing wings (ie TJs, Kelseys, Jack Astors, etc). Great flavours to choose from. Yes, they're expensive, but it's hard to find anywhere offering a pound for under $8-10, let alone a pound of decent wings. Once got a flat pitcher of beer but they replaced no problem along with a coupon (around 20% off). Only complaint is that the staff, like at most Wild Wings, don't seem to be up on what sports are going on, and aside from something obvious like Leafs or UFC, you have to request games. I showed up during the first round of playoffs and despite 4 games being underway, all 14-18 TVs were showing the same game.
Reviewed by Guest (Jen)
Horrible food. Horrible service. This place is nearly empty and I can see why. It's despicable. I will be surprised to see that place open in a year's time. If you like deep fried, burnt ribs drenched in medium sauce (YES APPARENTLY WHATEVER YOU ORDER ON YOUR WINGS COMES ON YOUR RIBS!)and drenched, cold wings, and stale fries ETC, this is the place to go. And trust me, it's not cheap. And if you complain about the food they are arrogant and offer nothing to improve the experience. WORST RESTAURANT I HAVE EVER ENCOUNTERED. BEWARE!
Reviewed by Guest (cencillia Phillip)
THEY SUCK...to much money to little wings...their cheese sticks are salty!!
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