Wild for Wings
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Reviewed by Guest (Ray)
Had the GROUPON coupon and went to use it. Was told when our bill arived that there is a new owner and they are not accepting these coupons. After discussing it with the manager (who was very polite) and he talked again to the new owner but they said no way !! Nice way to start your new business buddy. Here's what I did and if you have a coupon I suggest you do the same. I paid in cash minus the $20 for the coupon but gave them the coupon. I tipped the waitress in cash as well. I wrote my name and phone number on the coupon and said the owner can call me or the police if he wants. I haven't heard from them. And the food by the way was OK but nothing special. I DON'T THINK I'LL BE GOING BACK THERE ANYTIME SOON !!!!
Reviewed by oshawa
Member since December 2009, Total Reviews: 4 (Male, born in 1966, Oshawa, ON)
Too Expensive. Wings SUCK. stay at home or go ANYWHERE else
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