Wild for Wings
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Hooters of Traverse City
1850 US 31, Traverse City MI 49686 USA
(231) 938-2049
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Reviewed by sillygrifter
Member since February 2012, Total Reviews: 1 (Male, born in 1968, traverse city, MI)
I sat at the bar & the bartenders service was decent. The beer was cold. The bar & floor were filthy & noone cared. There was'nt even a bar rag in site so I could wipe it myself. The cooks & cooking area looked disgusting! My wings were ok. The atmosphere had a clicky feel & noone was very friendly! As far as the "welcome to hooters" being shouted at arriving patrons. I herd it several times but I guess noone saw me come in, making my presence fell undesired. I have been to roughly a dozen Hooters over the years in different cities. This was by far my worst experience & I hope you would at least try it to decide for yourself. As for me, I will not return.
Reviewed by Guest (Unsatisfied Customer)
Two waitresses ignored me by walking right pass me. The third waitress waited on a man and his daugther who walked in after I had been sitting there waiting for service. The "manager" was not engaged with the customers or staff. The waitresses showed how much respect they have for the "manager" by gathering at a table to gossip. The service was AWFUL! The "manager" thin blonde hair and bald in the center, should be in training right now. I blame him for the lack of customer service or selective service the staff demonstrates. I will NOT RETURN TO THAT PLACE. I feel sorry for the owner, because he or she just lost a paying customer.
Reviewed by Guest (tina)
my husband and i had a great time, i took my daughter out for her 12th b-day. she wanted to go too hooters, we had Kara as a waitress and she treated my kids like they where the most important people there.. the Manager Josh came out when it was time to sing too her and got up and danced with her. the exsparance was great and will be back..
Reviewed by j_manitou
Member since April 2009, Total Reviews: 1 (Male, born in 1978, traverse city, MI)
It was a great time< my daughter had her 11th birthday party last week(she wanted to go here) at first i was agianst it, but i have to say it was awsome!! we had Kara as our waitress and she made my daughter fell like it was all about her, and the the Manager Josh was amzing, he danced on a chair with my daughter so she wouldn't fell so imbaressed,, i will be back and sowill my friends!!! thank-you Hooters
Reviewed by Guest (Brandon T! Nichols)
a little over priced but the cooks have to be the worst ones in a restaurant and for a chain to have poor cooks is ridiculous.
Reviewed by Guest (ben kensington)
way to loud. food under cooked waitresses gossip and ignored my family and the manager acted like a pimp and referred to his girls a lot.the chubby bald mgr did give us our meal free though so i do recommend mentioning something to him he is bald , older and very chubby.beer was too pricey, nice cheese sticks .. will not go back nor will my family
Reviewed by momof3
Member since October 2008, Total Reviews: 2 (Female, born in 1983, Petoskey, MI)
This is a good place to get some food while watching sports. The atmosphere isn't as family oriented and it is dedicated towards men. It is a place where even a couple could go for a few drinks.
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