Wild for Wings
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Reviewed by Guest (Matt)
Went tonight 11.16.2012, real bad service and it was freezing cold in there, like they could not afford to turn it up. Most, well the other 2 people who were not staff had there coats on. My dad said his honey BBQ wings were ok, and my buffalo butter bites did not have very much taste. Fries were good. Same prices as everywhere else. For the money go to Buffalo WW, much better service and sports setting. This was our second time to try Wild Wings, would not do it again. Even Kelseys and Montanas in town are better. The place must be surviving on there beer sales. Oh this was funny, all 3 waitress were dresses like thet were working a downtown club. This place will not be around in another year or two.
Reviewed by mamaof3
Member since April 2010, Total Reviews: 1 (Female, born in 1977, Milton, ON)
I go all the time my kids and I enjoy it alot its a great place to go out for dinner with the family!!!
Reviewed by Guest (Bryce Cheeseman)
I had my first visit in July 2009 and it was not very good for a few reasons. The service was terrible, food was ok at best and to top it off. I was charged $3800 on my VISA for a $38 bill. Never allow a restaurant to charge your card manually if their systems are down, it is not worth the headaches. False promises from the owner 'dave', to refund your card and call you back to verify should also not be counted on. This will be the last time I step in this establishment. In the meantime I will be wasting my time with VISA getting my VISA refunded. Thanks for the headcahes!!!
Reviewed by Guest (wingtester)
Very disappointed. Bad food. Fairly good service tho.The important thing is, bad wings.
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